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Create a CSS3 post-it note without images

In this article we will look at how we can create a CSS3 post-it note, AKA a sticky note using only CSS. No images! Before we proceed, let’s look at what we will be creating: In this case, I used...

CSS3 social buttons

Making animated CSS3 social buttons

In this article we will create a few sets of animated social buttons with CSS3. We will be making use of CSS3 border-radius, transition and transform. We will also be using the icon font Brandico. This will allow us to...

Inkblot avatar

How to make an inkblot avatar with mask-image

In this tutorial I will show you how to make an inkblot avatar with CSS3’s mask-image property. We will be using photoshop to create the masks, though you could follow along with any other software or just grab the source...

CSS3 gradient text

Colorful gradient text with CSS3

This will be a really short article because this effect is really quick and easy. I will show you how you can easily make a colorful gradient text effect with CSS3’s background-clip and text-fill-color properties. Please note that currently this...

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