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Inkblot avatar

How to make an inkblot avatar with mask-image

In this tutorial I will show you how to make an inkblot avatar with CSS3’s mask-image property. We will be using photoshop to create the masks, though you could follow along with any other software or just grab the source...

CSS3 gradient text

Colorful gradient text with CSS3

This will be a really short article because this effect is really quick and easy. I will show you how you can easily make a colorful gradient text effect with CSS3’s background-clip and text-fill-color properties. Please note that currently this...


3 Tips to write faster and more efficient code

In this general programming article, I will show you some ways you can use to write faster code. These methods apply to almost any programming language out there, so I will go ahead and use pseudocode to demonstrate them. Breaking...

glass menu

How to make a transparent glass menu bar with CSS3

Thanks to CSS3, our design and development options have grown a lot. In this tutorial I will how you how to make a transparent glass menu bar with CSS3. The demo can be seen below. For this demo, I wanted...


Making glowing lights with CSS

Hi all, in this demo I will show you how I made some glowing lights purely in CSS. The demo and source code is available below, feel free to use it however you like! As you can see this is...


Using Sass to generate color and box-shadow in a loop

Here is a little experiment I did when I was fiddling around with adjusting element properties using Sass in a for-loop. The HTML This effect can easily be done in a few simple lines. In this particular example I created...

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