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Using Sass to generate color and box-shadow in a loop

Here is a little experiment I did when I was fiddling around with adjusting element properties using Sass in a for-loop. The HTML This effect can easily be done in a few simple lines. In this particular example I created...

CSS hexagons

Perfect CSS hexagons in any size using transform and calc()

In this tutorial I will how you how to create perfect CSS hexagons in any size using transform and calc(). This method doesn’t make use of borders and dynamically calculates the essential values like the width and positioning based on...


Custom cursors with CSS and jQuery

In this tutorial I will show you how you can implement custom cursors with some really simple CSS and JavaScript using jQuery. Both the demo and source can be found below. The source is really simple so I will go...


Laravel 4 packages showcase #2

Since my last Laravel 4 packages showcase, I have gotten a few suggestions and discovered some more packages myself. The following list of packages will make your Laravel development life a lot easier and faster! Without further ado, let’s dive...

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